Lex & Steph Schindler

We are an artist & entrepreneur duo who love art, our two wonderful daughters, and the beautiful temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Between family history and lots of moves since we were married, many temples have become dear to our hearts.

Lex first designed a large laser cut of the Gilbert temple for me. He later redesigned it in its current 11″x14″ size.

Lex’s parents chose the Logan temple for their sealing. Stephanie’s parents were sealed in the St. George temple. Stephanie also first attended the St. George temple and opened her mission call there.

The Oakland Temple, Montreal Temple, Manhattan Temple, Dallas Temple and Washington DC temple have each been our “home temple” at different times.

If we don’t already have your temple, and you would like to have it, please reach out to us!

About AZ Temple Art
About AZ Temple Art